Chief among them? 38

DATE: 2023-02-13
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Lazlo, Median, 3 mile, Magoo, Kodiak, Yardbird
FNGs: Purple Rain, Gerkin, trifecta, attaché
WARMUP: SSH, IW, WMHs, cherry pickers, down dog

THE THANG: 38 one min tabata style (50 sec, 10 sec rest

1. Burpees
2. Mountain climbers
3. Overhead clap
4. Bear crawl left
5. Bear crawl right
6. Lbc
7. Squat jumps
8. Step back lunges
9. Merkins
10. Hold low plank
11. Bonnie Blair’s
12. Arm circles
13. Squat
14. Carolina dry docks
15. Star jump
16. Superman
17. Lunge walk left
18. Lunge walk right
19. Crawl out merkins
20. Hold low plank
21. Bobby Hurley
22. No surrenders
23. Sumo squats
24. Diamond merkins
25. Al gore
26. In/outs
27. Calf raises
28. Prisoner squats
29. Shoulder taps
30. Hold low plank
31. Penguin taps
32. Flutter kicks
33. Freddie Mercury
34. LBCs
35. Row boats
36. Dips left
37. Dips right
38. Hold plank

MARY: see above
COT:F3 mission is ultimately to invigorate male
Leadership not just create workouts. Be sure you’re doing the other two Fs- fellowship and faith with equal vigor and focus.

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