Snowy Sprints

DATE: 2023-02-01
AO: Compound
Q: Popeyes
PAX: Lazlo, Snake (Will Harris), Yardbird, Doodles, Pop Fly, Boiler, Hightower, Booking, Peanuts, citrus FNGs: None
SSH, Mosey, Merkins, Mosey, Willie Mays, Karaoke, Quad stretch, mosey, hamstring stretch, mosey, calf raises, etc THE THANG:
50% jog – 3 burpee ring of fire with merkins
100% sprint – rifle carry coupons around the field ricky bobby style 50% jog – a few burpees and walk back to goal line
100% sprint – walk back to other goal line
50% jog – take coupons to other goal line
100% sprint – walk to 50 and back
50% jog – ricky bobby with the coupons
100% sprint

MARY: Mosey to corner – LBC’s, mosey to corner – Ukrainian Hammers, mosey to corner – flutter kicks, mosey to corner – calf raises.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Superbowl Squares, Ruck in March, Olympus road clean up, and one more thing that I forgot
COT: Told the story of the old man and young man lumberjacks where the old man cut down more trees than the young man. It was attributed to the old man taking out time to sharpen his ax. Take time out to refresh yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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