The Long way

DATE: 2023-01-16
AO: Mondaynightruckers
Q: Stewie
PAX: Rocketman, Tron, Yellow Jacket, Brass Monkey
FNGs: FNG: Jolly Green
WARMUP: stretch
THE THANG: 5.77mi ruck. 1h41m
MARY: nope
ANNOUNCEMENTS: see channel
1. Welcome FNG Alex (Jolly Green)!

2. Read something written by a guy named Mr. Tee thats doest wear gold chains that reminded me to slow down and dont lose focus on what matters…”…a big reason why we chase success is so that we can bring joy to the people around us. But we can already do that by being present for the people we love.

Even if you think of yourself as the most masculine of men, it doesn’t make you any less manly to show some love and appreciation to the people around you just for being there”

3. Prayer requests

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