Holiday Special

DATE: 2023-01-16
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Kodiak
PAX: Mr Haand, Fish Fry, Disco, Anchor Man, Bone, citrus, Doodles, Yardbird, XL, Ice Tea, Big Short, sticks, Obadiah, CableGuy, Magoo, Lazlo, Tea Party, 3 mile, Beaux FNGs: @attache @big data @shank
WARMUP: SSH, Moroccan night clubs, IW, Don Quixote, WMH, Learning to Fly, Down Dog, Cobra, stretch,
THE THANG: Fellowship lap to the Northeast corner of the field, 8 burpees and proceed to the mulched hill:
PAX partnered up. While one partner rans to the top of the hill, the other partner performed the following exercises using the downed tree when appropriate: Burpees
Calf raises on the log
Squats on the log
Seal claps
Step ups on the Log
Freddy Mercury
Derkins on the log

After the completion of 1 set, the Pax did the first 3 exercises of the second set.

The PAX proceeded to the WMS basketball court and divided into 4 teams for 2 games of half court F3 basketball. For each missed shot, the PAX did a burpee. For each made shot, the successful shooter lead a set of 10 of the exercise of his choice. Despite this ratio, I think more burpees were performed than other exercises. MARY: Incorporated
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sign up for the GrowRuck
COT: My Aunt Carol passed away in late December, and my cousin Megan gave a very moving eulogy at her funeral last week, She thanked her mother for showing her that every person you meet is worthy of respect and kindness. My aunt would strike up a conversation with anyone regardless of race, creed, status, etc. It’s an attribute worth emulating.

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