Burpee Tag and Higher Positive Ratios

DATE: 2023-01-14
AO: Sandlot
Q: Jenner
PAX: Beaux, Booking, Fairweather, Traveler, citrus, Lazlo
FNGs: FNG Spalding
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, WMHs, SSH, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai, Mountain Climbers, SSH

THE THANG: Mosey over to the Washington and Liberty parking garage tennis courts.

Jack Jack Webs: 1 Merkin, 4 Plank Jacks, 2 Merkins, 8 Plank Jacks and increasing to 6 rounds.

Burpee Tag: Pair off in teams, YHC and FNG Spalding were “It”. Rules were: Must run in a straight line, must perform burpees to turn, once you are tagged you join the team that is “it” and hunt the others. When doing burpees, runners alternate between 3 and 7 reps while team that is “it” does 2 and 5. When in sight of each other, can tik tok to alternate burpees with your partner. Somehow, this worked out OK before we were all dead tired and the last two teams were tagged within a min of each other.

Jump Webs: 1 Jump Squat, 4 Squats, 2 Jump Squats, 8 Squats, and increasing until 6 rounds.

Mosey over the park behind the parking lot.

Jack Webb: 1 Merkin, 4 Air Presses, 2 Merkins, 8 Air Presses, and increasing to 7 rounds.

Mosey over to the playground. Split up into 3 teams for 3 station Dora style. Objective is to do 300 Box Jumps between your team. One partner runs across the field and does 5 Erkins on the benches and runs back. The last partner climbs up and slides down the slide, preferably a unique way each time and as many times as you can.

Mosey back to the starting position.

MARY: Captain Thor: 1 Big Boi Situp, 4 American Hammers single count, 2 Big Boi Situps, 8 American Hammers, and increasing until 5 rounds. End on 25 Flutter Kicks.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Take a few seconds for F3 PAX Cardinal’s passing. GTE end of March.

COT: Today we did 1 harsh exercise and 4 seemingly easier ones and kept that ratio while it got tougher and tougher. Think about the negative feedback / “constructive feedback” you give and think about the positive feedback. With athletes, the best coaches give 6 positive tips and encouragement to every 1 criticism. With your work colleagues and with your children, studies have shown the optimum number can be 8 positives to every 1 negative. So make the positives easier and plentiful!

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