What Goes Up. Must Come Down (Dora + Hills)

DATE: 2023-01-13
AO: Patriot
Q: Maguire
PAX: Bone, CableGuy, Gherkin, Patchouli, L’Enfant, Sloth, Smokey, Elvis, Big Short, Lucius, Wedding Singer, citrus, Ice Tea, Booking, 2 percent, Legacy, Jenner FNGs: Sojourner (sp?) DR
WARMUP: SSH. IW. Rockettes. WMH. Cherry Pickers. Down Dog. Cobra Kai.
THE THANG: Mosey to the Hill in the rain. 100 merkins. 200 squats. 300 LBCs. 200 squats. 100 merkins. Partner is running hills while other is doing exercise. When finished, air presses and calf raises. At the beginning of each exercise and along the mosey route, tik tok burpees with your partner (alternate). Started at 2. Then 4, 6….up to 16. MARY: Spell C-A-R-D-I-N-A-L 3x in honor of him.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ruck in March. Sign up. @Lucius son is working on a project – see him for free top soil and or to donate for supplies.
COT: a thought to Cardinal’s family and reminder of the gofundme. Also, go deeper in your conversations than just a – hey what’s up. Learn more. Ask questions. Find out what makes people tick. Develop the relationship.

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