Pour some misery down on me

DATE: 2023-01-13
AO: Sparta
Q: Peanuts
PAX: Bluegrass, Lightyear, Zeus, Heatstroke (MeCa Region)
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH; WMH; MP; OHAP; ab stretch; back stretch; chest stretch; calf stretch; hamstring stretch
THE THANG: more cards – this time with coupons. OHP (clubs); curls (spades); squats (diamonds); chubby checkers (named by heatstroke but just a standing twist) (hearts). Other team runs around the school. First round went great. Second round not so much. Cards started blowing in the wind and we broke Bluegrass’s coupon. Needless to say the cards and the coupon did not survive the beat down. We punished ourselves with dips. MARY: we did that
ANNOUNCEMENTS: well without Horshack we were at a loss
COT: life is precious. Take care of yourselves. Listen to your body. See your doctor and don’t set yourself up to fail. Keep coming out to the gloom but more importantly make sure you are being smart about your health so you are able to keep coming out. Each of us has more work to do on this Earth, more posts to make, more Qs to lead.

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