Coupon work

DATE: 2023-01-09
AO: Farm
Q: Matthew – Running Man
PAX: Faceplant, Infinity, Chile, Sparky
FNGs: None
Arm circles
Don quixote
Beet pickers

Leg lifts over coupon
Goblet squats
Rifle carry to midfield
Pushups with feet on blocks
Bent over rows
Goblet lunges to start
Hand over hand mericans (with coupon)
Coupon curls
Murder bunnies to midfield
Coupon swings
Coupon thrusters
Walk with coupon to start
Chest press with coupon
Rotate coupon around your body

Low plank 60 second
Crunchy frogs
High plank 60 second
American hammer
Nolan Ryan
Penguin crunches
Starfish crunches
Flutter kicks

A friend, Danny Olmes, wrote a book, Memoirs of An Ordinary Guy. I listened to an interview with a podcaster, about why he wrote the book. A few years ago he had parked his car in the parking garage at work, and a 95 year old woman in a Mickey mouse t-shirt walked in front of him, carrying a gym bag! He was inspired to keep a journal of “ordinary” experiences that inspired him.

The interview:

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