Usurping @Winston with Tabata

DATE: 2023-01-07
AO: Freestate
Q: Magoo
PAX: Deagle, FIFA, Rough Rider, Horshack, ShowMe, CashOnly, Cannoli, Kodiak, Butter, Winston FNGs: Birdman, Baywatch, Doubtfire
WARMUP: Abe Vigoda, lunge twist, SSH, narrow squats, Donkey Kick THE THANG: 8 x 8 rounds of tabata with:
Shoulder Press / Caterpillar Merkin
KB swing / Mountain climber
Floor to Ceiling / Jump shot squats
Blockie / Stiff-arm Pull-over
Dairy Maid / Heismans
Merkin Mania
Break Dancers / Sumo Stamps

MARY: Ring-of-fire leg pushdowns
COT: Life is fragile. Hold you children close.

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