IPC Modified + Frisbee

DATE: 2023-01-07
AO: Olympus
Q: CableGuy
PAX: citrus, Juneau, Hightower, YNAB, Rollingstone, Monk, Zeus, Pop Fly, Yard Sale, Ashe, Booking, Lazlo, Popeyes, Nano FNGs: Kittles, Semi
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walker, Hillbilly, Arm Circles, Cherry Picker, WM Hayes, Down Dog, Fellowship Lap THE THANG:
Thang 1:
Form two teams. Work through the following as a team – first Pax to finish means the group can move to the next exercise. Wrinkle: we ran an emom timer with three burpees on the minute. Over 30 minutes we did 90 burpees: 50 Hand Release Merkins
100 Heels To Heaven
150 Body Weight Squats
200 Big Boy Situps
250 Lunge Steps (SC)

Thang 2:
Mosey down to the turnaround circle for 10 Shoulder Taps + 10 Mountain Climbers, in cadence, x 5 rounds

Thang 3:
Ultimate with integrated burpees and Mary exercises
MARY: Covered during Ultimate
COT: Credit to Obadiah: We talk about new years resolutions, right? Some like them some don’t. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is stop banging my head against the same old walls that don’t help me. This can be physical – like for me thinking I can keep running my way out of running injuries that never get better – and can also be mental and emotional, a dysfunctional fixation. I’m paraphrasing Obadiah here from a great COT he gave this week. If it doesn’t get you closer to the ones around you whom you love and value, and if you’re a man of faith getting you closer to your god, ask yourself do you have room for it or are you repeating the same actions and irrationally expecting different results?

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