Tackle Your Least Favorite Tasks

DATE: 2023-01-06
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Kodiak
PAX: Poe, Disco, Mr Haand, 3 mile, Gherkin, Median, Magoo, Yardbird FNGs: @attache
WARMUP: SSH, MP, IW, WMH, Don Quixote, Down Dog, Stretch
THE THANG: The theme of the workout is tackling all of your least favorite things. This workout was going to be comprised of some of the Q’s least favorite F3 exercises. So, we started with a set of burpees followed by a run up 35th Street to Minor’s Hill (the highest point in Arlington) with stops for exercises along the way. At Minor’s hill, we did another set of burpees and a set of dips. Each pax selected his least favorite exercise, resulting in sets of break dancers, typewriter merkins and others. Following these 10 sets, the pax Ricky Bobbied back down to the AO with intermittent stops for squats and merkins. The pax completed their return to the starting circle with a bear crawl. MARY: Never surrenders, WW2 and flutter kick
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sign up for the GoRuck! Magoo is celebrating 37 years of marriage to the same woman without being murdered in his sleep.
COT: Sometimes, we let the unpleasant tasks linger. Don’t let them. Go tackle your challenges!

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