Ball o Fun

DATE: 2023-01-06
AO: Sparta
Q: Hightower
PAX: Iron Eagle, MileHigh, Pop Fly, Zeus, Doodles, Gadget, Jenner, Horshack, Maj. Payne FNGs: None
SSH, Frankenstein march, slow lunge walk, down dog & cobra Kai. Then Fellowship Ricky Bobbie carrying 20# med ball around WSHS. THE THANG:
Arrive at stone theatre: High knee step ups & Derkins. Continue Ricky Bobbie with med ball down to track, then 1 lap around.
Line up on goal line, spread 2 med balls out. PAX bear crawl 10 yds, then pass med ball. Continue full length of field and back.
Back on goal line, walk lunge 20 yds while 2 PAX reverse toss med ball. Continue full length of field and back.
All PAX hold high plank. 1 at a time, PAX reverse toss 20# med ball over goal post.

Ring of Fire mix of Mary.

3F component for GTE: Donovan & Bank to support Special Forces transition after their service is done. GTE 35 sign up!

2 years ago, the US Capital attack
Brighter note, 12 years ago this week F3 launched first AO in Charlotte, NC. Capital region turning 5 years this year. Great time to reflect on how each of you has been positively changed since finding F3. Challenge this year is to find others guys that need the same n their lives.

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