Odds and Evens, but mostly odd

DATE: 2023-01-06
AO: Patriot
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Lucius, bogey, citrus, Patchouli, My Space, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Old Bay, Jag, CableGuy, Sunshine, Sloth, Smokey, Flipper, Maguire, Boiler, Big Short, 2 percent, Mackerel, Passport, Wallace, Buddy – F3ATX FNGs: None
The Q is attempting to keep up with the AMBAB January challenge and wanted a little help this morning. Fortunately 21 PAX were there to pick him up. It wasn’t clear if the Route 66 warm up was popular or not. There was a little mumblechatter but I think it might have been just compliments. We also tried a game of chance. There was a group that seemed to be on an amazing stretch of luck beating the 50/50 odds. Probably thanks to having an actual professional at turning 50/50 in your favor @myspace. Overall, count 111 burpees plus whatever you did during evens/odds (45 for the Q, I believe, who made up for the other side of those odds with the help of @2 percent.

WARMUP: SSH, Route 66 (mosey around campus with occasional burpee stops, starting with 1 and adding 1 per stop up to 11, total burpee count: 66), Willie Mays Hayes, cherry pickers, Michael Phelps, downward dog.

Part 1, just Dora. But with tick tock burpees before starting each set. PAX held plank to start each round together. Each pair did 50 total burpees and 100 merkins, then 40 burpees and 200 BWS. The Q cut this off so we’d have time for…

Part 2: Odds and Evens. Starting in a pair, PAX shot odds/evens. If the total was odd, PAX do 5 burpees each and shoot again. If even, PAX can progress by bear crawling 10 yards. But then must find a new partner before shooting again. Repeato until all PAX make it across the field.

MARY: flutter kicks, toy soldiers, dirty dogs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: GTE coming up, get registered, it’s the hardest part

COT: Small acts of kindness cost almost nothing in time and effort, make a big difference, yet we often don’t take the opportunity to do them and ironically, especially with the ones we love. Simply engaging when being engaged shows that person that they matter to you.

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