Cold Weather Workout

DATE: 2022-12-26
AO: Farm
Q: Infinity
PAX: Matthew – Running Man, Sparky
FNGs: None
Warm-Up: SSHs, IWs, Rockettes, WMHs, Grady Corns, and Mosey

The Thang: Exercises for cold weather—keep warm with these exercises that maximize body movement, heat generation, and burn. These exercises also minimize the amount of contact with the cold ground or cold coupons. – 15 Bonnie Blairs
– 10-1 Motivators
– 10 Burpees
– 15 Jump Squats
– 15 Clapping Merkins
Lunge Walk 60m
– 20 Reverse Lunges, IC
Sprint 60m
– 20 OH Claps, IC
– 15 Bulgarian Split Squats, each leg
– 10 Flapjacks, IC
– 10 Speed Skaters, IC

Marvel Avengers exercises:
– 10 Hulk Smashers (Rev. Lunges with same fist to ground as leg extended back)
– 15 Infinity Squats (Squat Jacks with palms extended out front at bottom of squat) – 12 Iron Blast (Fwd Lunges with upright row (arms back in the bottom position))
– 12 War Machines (Fwd lunges to each side with opposite fist to ground as leg extended fwd) – 12 Pepper Pulse (Squat Jacks with arms in T position at the top)

Mary: Reverse Merkins, Australian Snow Angels, and Sweat Angels.

Often, we try to escape our emotions instead of feeling them. However, escape leads to self-medication, usually in unhealthy forms. We were meant to feel various forms of being sad, lonely, bored, and stressed as part of our human experience. Allowing these emotions to dwell in us may be uncomfortable, but it is key to learning to cope with them in healthy ways. We need to learn to embrace our emotions, not escape them. Emotions are part of the mortal experience.
“Dr. Banner,” Captain America said, “Now might be a really good time for you to get angry.” “That’s my secret, Captain,” Dr. Banner replied, “I’m always angry.”

Bruce Banner had learned to embrace anger and control it, rather than trying to escape it and let it rule him.

“When you feel so mad that you could roar, take a deep breath and count to four.” – Daniel Tiger

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