Holiday stations

DATE: 2022-12-22
AO: Olympus
Q: Hightower
PAX: Peanuts, Lazlo, Rollingstone, Obadiah, Zeus, Norwood, Pop Fly FNGs: None
Lots of warming up PT and stretching. Fellowship jog long way up to stadium, then lap around track.

8 stations:
1: squats with sandbag
2: Conan hammer squats
3: 100 yd tire roll & run (timer)
4: block curls
5: med ball triceps
6: reverse med ball toss
7: merkins
8: SSH

1: bent rows with sandbag
2: sledgehammer tire
3: box jump tire
4: squat toss med ball
5: shoulder press block
6: med ball slam
7: big boy sit-ups
8: SSH

Round of Ring of Fire

Prayers for quick recovery for Doodles
Coat donations

Christmas is the time for giving. We’re all so blessed to have so much. Great time to donate used items to others in our community. Many families in our area still struggling.

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