DATE: 2022-12-21
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: 3 mile, Kodiak, Disco, sticks, Mr Haand
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Word of the day: Pandemonium – a wild chaotic uproar. From the Greek, Pan meaning “all” and Daímōn meaning deity – later interpreted by the Romans as evil spirit or “demon.” Marching Phelps, SSHop, Mountain Climbers, Spider Switches
5 minute sets:
3 PAX run half field leap over coupon, 1 burpee return.
3 Pax blockies.
High five returning Pax, 1 burpee, and switch.
-further rounds include KB swing, around-the-world squats, toe taps, and bear crawl.

MARY: Break dancers, supermans, jacknives.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Coat collection; Friday @disco bday Q 5:30; Monday at 7:00. COT: Glad to be back. I feel much better.

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