Rock and Roll All Nite (and Party Every Gloom)

DATE: 2022-12-13
AO: Atlantis
Q: Boomer
PAX: True North, Hammerhead
FNGs: DR PAX Patient Zero
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, Mountain Climbers, Cherry Pickers, Mosey


Musical Dora-PAX partnered up. Instead of 100/200/300 reps, only switched to next exercise until song on playlist ended. Running PAX did suicide runs, down half the distance of pier, back to start and then down the full length and back Exercises: Merkins, V ups, Bonnie Blairs


H.I.I.T. workout-45 second of work, 15 second rest. Q called next exercise during break and PAX took turns doing the count. Some exercises used exercise bands.


Four square
Calf Raises
Reverse lunges
Shoulder Press
High Knees
Overhead Tricep Extension
Mountain Climbers
Lateral Raise
Hammer Curls
American Hammers
Tricep extension
Plank Reaches
Freddie Mercuries

MARY: Dealers Choice
COT: Workout music was upbeat, but lyrics full of regret, nihilism and longing for something more. Thinking this week about how I can be someone who loves and serves others well to give meaning, purpose and hope to others. May the men of F3 do this within F3, their families and communities.

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