EMOM Burpees & More

DATE: 2022-12-14
AO: Patriot
Q: CableGuy
PAX: Lazlo, Roadkill, Grape Ape, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Maguire, My Space, Sunshine, Legacy, Passport, Boiler, Wedding Singer, bogey, citrus, Wallace, Flipper, Anchor Man, Big Short, Elvis FNGs: Hallmark
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walker, Cherry Picker, WM Hayes, Fellowship Lap
THE THANG: Pax split into two teams to complete the following, meanwhile doing three burpees EMOM throughout. First PAX to finish a given exercise meant the whole team could move on to the next one. Exercises were: 50 Hand Release Merkins
100 Heels To Heaven
150 Body Weight Squats
200 Big Boy Situps
250 Lunge Steps (SC)
Pax then moseyed to the basketball court for 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps + 10 Mountain Climbers, in cadence, x five rounds before moseying back to the field for Mary. MARY: LBC, Toy Soldier, American Hammer, Freddie Mercury
COT: How do you feel? Bad but good? Good. This is the first really cold morning of the season and look at us, 20 strong. Keep coming out and giving the guy across from you a reason to come out this winter, particularly as the holiday break starts and you need this for mental health and to offset the calories. Aye!

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