DATE: 2022-12-14
AO: Farm
Q: Sparky
PAX: Infinity
FNGs: None
Beet Pickers
Michael Phelps
Neck rolls

5X 20:
Shoulder Press
Plank (IC)
Monkey Humpers
Squat Jumps

In recognition of World Cup soccer today, we ran to the corners of the soccer field doing the same corner first and last to get to 500. MARY:
Womp womp, ran out of time
Wreaths across American this Saturday, noon, Herndon

Jesuit schools will have the initial AMDG in various places- banners, on signatures, jersey, and in stone throughout the campus. AMDG stands for “ad majoreum de glorium” or “For the greater good of God.” Service to others is the foundation of the Jesuit philosophy. Gonzaga, where my 2.0’s go, simply this to “Be a Man of Others.” In our family, if someone is asking for a favor and it’s appropriate and the other person say, “man for others” it’s a go. Friend needs a ride home out of the way?… man for others. Do it. Classmate needs to borrow shirt and tie at last minute and it might make the carpool late?… man for others. Volunteers needed to distribute food to local shut ins?… man for others. Being a man for others is very F3 adjacent.

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