Shoulder the burden

DATE: 2022-12-12
AO: Patriot
Q: bogey
PAX: Legacy, Anchor Man, citrus, Ice Tea, Lazlo, My Space, Passport, Roadkill, Smokey, Sunshine, Wallace, Wedding Singer FNGs: Mortimer
WARMUP: 4-corners warmup mosey on the field – SSH, burpees, LBACs, hillbillies, IWs, cherry pickers, WMH, down dog, cobra Kai THE THANG:
Shoulder carry coupon to amphitheater
Round 1 – 10x step ups IC, 15x overhead press, 15x curls
Run 1 lap
Round 2 – 10x step ups IC, 20x derkins, 20x curls
Run 1 lap
Round 3 – 10x step ups, 20x dips, 25x curls
Farmer carry coupon to basketball court
20x IC Shoulder taps
30x IC flutter kicks with coupon hold
20x Atlas shrugged
30x Curls
Rifle carry coupon back to field
Line up on goal line
5x burpees
Run backwards 100yd to opposite goal line
5x burpees
Run back to goal line
10x IC blockees/man makers
Karaoke to 50 facing home stand
Karaoke back to goal line facing home stand
MARY: BAT WINGS (keeping arms up until Recover)
20x IC LBACs
20x IC LBACs reverse
20x IC seal claps
Hold arms straight out to side for 10 count
20x IC overhead claps
Hold arms straight out to side for 10 count
COT: Reach out to a family member or friend you haven’t spoke to in a long time. It may feel awkward, but you may find that the friend/family member is facing a struggle, and your simple act of kindness – reaching out to check-in, along with a conversation – can lift them up. PAX may also find that their own lives are lifted in the process.

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