Carnivores Eat Here

DATE: 2022-12-09
AO: Sparta
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Bluegrass, Lightyear, Zeus, Peanuts, MileHigh, Nano, Doodles, I-Beam, Iron Eagle FNGs: None
WARMUP: Warm up jog, squats, SSHs, WMHs, PUs, Cherry Pickers, Nano Nemesis THE THANG:
Each Round started the same:
5x Manmakers
10x Merkins on your block
15x OH Press
10x Bicep Curls
5x Tricep Extensions

After completing the above, the following was done after each round: (1) Farmers carry your coupon to the opposite goal line and back (2) Rifle carry your block to the 50 yard line and back
(3) 50x squats with your block
(4) Lunge (With block) to the 30 yard line and back
(5) 50x Calf Raises with your block
(6) Murder Bunny to the 20 yard line, Bunny Murder back to the goal line
(7) Farmers carry your block to the opposite goal line, Rifle Carry it back to the start

MARY: 1 Big Boy Sit Up


COT: Carrying heavy things is harder than picking up heavy things. Anyone can pick up something heavy, but we need to be able to carry that burden as well…. whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Learn how to carry heavy things.

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