F3 by ChatGPT

DATE: 2022-12-09
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: Magoo, citrus, Median, Patchouli, Poe, sticks, 3 mile
FNGs: None
Today’s workout was generated by ChatGPT and QIC filling in the blanks. (Soon more jobs will be like that…)
WARMUP: “Light Cardio” per ChatGPT: SSH, Rockettes, MPs, Imp Walkers, CP/WMH, Merkins,D Dog/Cobra/Child’s Pose THE THANG: “Strength Training” – 4×12
Coupon curls, Bear crawl (12 yds), overhead press, lunge walk, merkins, bent over rows, coupon squats “HIIT” 4x – Suicide, burpees, Mtn Climbers
MARY: Line of Fire – Flutters, Zelinski Hammer, Railroad Planks ANNOUNCEMENTS: Skiing in Feb – see #powderchasers
COT: Take a minute to focus yourself and enjoy a beautiful am.

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