Rainy EMOM-orama

DATE: 2022-12-03
AO: Sandlot
Q: Traveler
PAX: Dojo
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mosey. Started by myself, picked up Dojo along the way.

THE THANG: EMOM-orama. A series of 4 separate EMOMs. Adjusted reps each minute based on how much time was remaining in the set.

EMOM 1 (10 minutes): 5 derkins, 6 box jumps, 7 dips
EMOM 2 (9 minutes): 5 hand-release merkins, 6 bonnie blairs, 7 freddie mercuries EMOM 3 (9 minutes): 50 yard sprint. 50 yard backpedal.
EMOM 4 (4 minutes): Burpees. Each PAX picked a target for burpees per minute that they could sustain for 4 minutes.

MARY: Flutter kicks, leg raises, WWIIs, and Freddie Mercuries


COT: YHC discussed OptimalWork, a work method created by a Catholic Pyschologist that involves setting an intention before each bout of work. Any boring task or suffering (even a beatdown) can be given meaning if we set an intention for why we are doing it – to grow in a particular virtue, be more fit for our families, do an act of charity for our boss.

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