A Whole Lotta TABATA Fun!

DATE: 2022-12-02
AO: Sparta
Q: Lightyear
PAX: MileHigh, Simba, Zeus, Hightower, Bluegrass, Doodles
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Cherry Pickers. arm circles, circle arms. then PAX grabbed their coups, lined up and started walking. 1 at pax breaks off and starts merkins u til the last pax past and then he rejoins the line, front pax breaks off and this repeated for a while. Carry the coups rotated between rifle carry and front carry. THE THANG: TABATA

Workout 1 (4 min TABATA)
– Push-ups

Workout 2 (4 min TABATA)
– Squat
– Push press

Workout 3 (4 min TABATA)
– Rows
– Crunch

Back to round 1 and then a 1 lap mosey

MARY: PAX choice for a 10 round TABATA. Big boys, Freddy Mercs, Penguin taps, flutter kicks, American hammer with the coups!, windshield wipers, plank, open close, pickle pointers, and v-ups ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2nd F bowling this week in Falls Church
COT: Give it Away. F3 gives it away through expansion… we give this thing away for free to make others better. How do you “give it away” in your daily lives to build up others?

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