Never Skip Leg Day!

DATE: 2022-11-28
AO: Patriot
Q: Ice Tea
PAX: Einar Olsen, Obadiah, Lucius, bogey, Bone, Legacy, CableGuy, Sunshine, Booking, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Flipper, Anchor Man, Spokes, Wedding Singer FNGs: FNG “Crown Vic”
WARMUP: SSH, Learning to Fly, Derricks, Cherry Pickers, Willie Mays Hayes, Downward Dog & Cobra Kai

THE THANG: PAX lined up along the goal line with coupons and proceeded to do the following exercises:
-coupon lunge walk to 30 yd line and back, jump squats, goblet squats & coupon thrusters.

PAX then did a fellowship lap and moseyed to the front of the school where we did the following exercises:
-step-ups, Bulgarian (not Romanian) squats, repeato, followed by wall-sits while PAX box jumped up the stairs and ran back.

Moseyed to the basketball courts where we did two rounds of shuttle runs while half were holding an Al Gore.

Moseyed to the field where we finished off with Bonnie Blairs.

MARY: LBC, Donkey Kicks, Dirty Dogs & Heels to Heaven

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bowling, Hardywood brewery shenanigans & more

COT: Don’t yell at elderly men trying to use the microwave. At least they aren’t making their wives reheat the leftovers for them. Patience.

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