Schools Tour and Two Bucks

DATE: 2022-11-21
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: Gherkin, Kodiak, Mr Haand, SPINAL TAP
FNGs: Attaché
WARMUP: SSHop, MNClubs, CPickers, WMHays, Dirty Dog/Downward Dog/Cobra/Child’s Pose THE THANG: Schools Tour
Discovery ES: 3x15Toe Taps/Stairs/Mountain Climbers
WMS: 3×15 Inverted Merkin/Inverted Shoulder Tap/Squat Jumps
Coupon DORAs:
100 Curls/Yves Poll/Carioca
200 Press Ups/Lunge Walk
200 Overhead Claps/Run midfield

MARY: Crowdsourced: Flutters, Box Cutters, Dead Bugs, Side Curls?, WWIs ANNOUNCEMENTS: Friday @ Horizon @ 0700: Ultimate Convergence.
COT: Appreciate others around you. We only know a fraction of the reality our neighbors, colleagues, friends, and loved ones are living. And be safe on our streets.

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