Patriot Period

DATE: 2022-11-19
AO: Sandlot
Q: Legacy
PAX: Legacy
FNGs: Dojo, Prime
WARMUP: ssh, Imp Walk, Hill Billy, Phelps, Down Dog, WGS
THE THANG: Run to Pluto Park, 3×3 sets of ten step ups and derkins, run back, back at sand lot, burpee Tabata, then wide receiver balance drill, then 5×5 man makers with jog, then washing machines and spinal waves, finish off with bear muds triangle for 2:30 MARY: LBC,
ANNOUNCEMENTS: the Sandlot will be open next Saturday! We are putting up flyers for the Sandlot. Take some! COT: welcome DR Prime! The Sandlot will go all winter!!!

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