Games with balls

DATE: 2022-11-19
AO: Olympus
Q: Rollingstone
PAX: Ashe, bogey, citrus, Derecho, Doodles, Hightower, Lazlo, Nano, Peanuts, Pop Fly, Zeus FNGs: Shula, kittles, airshow(DR PAX)
WARMUP: ssh, Willy Mays hays, Michael Phelps, hip and hamstring, lunges, karaoke
THE THANG: 3 sets: 1 minute merkins, 1minute no surrender, 1 minute squats, 30 sec burpees. Bear crawl stairs, crawl bear stairs. A poor mans version of ultimate frisbee with a ball made of duc tape. Then digressed into a unidentifiable version of football with same said ball. Regardless of what some may say the game ended in a tie. MARY: plank jacks, toy soldiers, ABCs, WW1 sit ups and merkins
ANNOUNCEMENTS: welcome to DR Pax airshow and FNGs Shula, and kittles. Turkey trot Thursday at Olympus 0800.
COT: 1) have a positive attitude 2)PT every day and live healthy 3)Motivate yourself and others 4) earn respect 5) set goals 6) live with integrity 7) mentoring 8) have fun. Words from a great man.

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