DATE: 2022-11-18
AO: Sparta
Q: Zeus
PAX: Doodles, Peanuts, Obadiah, Nano, Pop Fly
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH,Michael Phelps, Arm circles, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog, Frankenstein to 10 yard line and back, high knees to 10 and back, butt kickers to 10 and back, hamstring stretches. THE THANG:
1 minute off 30 second recovery
Four rounds. 2x’s each set.
After each completed all PAX line up on goal line to do the Zeus & Peanut’s SIMMER DOWNS – BURN EM UPS- All PAX line up on goal line. Easy fellowship jog (simmer down) to 50 yard line then full out sprint (burn em up) to opposite goal line. 10 count and return back to first goal line in same fashion.

1st set
Burpee coupon bent over rows
Standing leg raises w/ coupon hold

2nd set
8 kettle bell swings 8 Big Boyz
In and Outs on coupon
Flutters hold coupon in air
Hold plank
MARY: Mary included in the Thang.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 3rd annual Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 0800 at Olympus. Bring the whole family., Old Bay is hosting a Bowling Fun night December 7th look for details on 2ndF Channel.
COT: Thankful for all of my F3 brothers. I’ve had some weight loss achievements in which I am reaping the benefits of being able to keep up more with the PAX at our beatdowns. Thankful to all PAX who see me and offer their help and push me to go to the next level. A shout out to Popfly who has been on me like spandex to complete workouts and not cheat myself. As I said in my COT sometimes the push stings but it’s necessary in order to get to that next level and I want to publicly out thank you Popfly. I also want to shout out Peanut’s that has been taking out time to workout with me one on one for the past three months on Monday mornings 0530 for an hour and sometimes Sundays after church depending on our schedules. And throughout F3 I have gained really good solid brothers. F3 is certainly a positive environment that uplift men and I am very happy to be a part of you guys. #3YEARSSTRONGANDCOINTING👊🏿

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