8 Mile and BearMuda Triangle

DATE: 2022-11-18
AO: Patriot
Q: Lucius
PAX: 2 percent, Anchor Man, bogey, Booking, CableGuy, citrus, Fish Fry, Flipper, Ice Tea, Jag, Jenner, My Space, Shake ‘N’ Bake FNGs: Slides (DR Austin TX); Smoky (Slack Denier(?))
WARMUP: Rolling warm-up included SSH, Don Quioxtes, Cherry Pickers, LBACs, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai, Childs Pose, Moroccan Night Clubs, Michael Phelps, 8-Count Body Builders.

8 MILE: Ascending ladder of 8-Count Body Builders EMOM, while carrying three light coupons around the track for 1600 meters. This ladder went to 10, resulting in 55 8-counts for all.

BEARMUDA TRIANGLE: PAX split into teams, then bear-crawled the 35 yards between vertices of the Bearmuda Triangle. While rolling 4-6 foot sections of telephone pole. Teams at the vertices rested with rest exercises — BWS, Alternating Shoulder Taps, and Air Presses — then took their turn bear-crawling. Because we had so much fun with the 8-Mile, PAX only had time for 140 yards of bear-crawl.

MARY: Some of the PAX did LBCs and Planks. Others just walked around and chatted.

– JBL 5K tomorrow at KOC.
– Turkey Trot on Turkey Day
– Holiday Bowling at America Bowl

COT: As we move into the holiday season, rekindle traditions, and celebrate with family and friends, take time to think about the importance of routines. Routines–physical, mental, and spiritual–help us navigate the holidays. Don’t throw them out on the way to the eggnog bowl. Mindfully maintain and strengthen them, so they can strengthen you.

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