Spooky Fun With Coupons

DATE: 2022-10-31
AO: Patriot
Q: bogey
PAX: Lucius, Ice Tea, CableGuy, Lazlo, Anchor Man, Booking, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Big Short, Legacy, Tea Party, Spokes FNGs: @smokey
WARMUP: SSH, Hillbillies, LBACs, Pumpkin Pickers, WMH, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai

THE THANG: After warmup on the goal line, PAX grabbed their very own Halloween treat bags (aka coupons) and carried (shoulder carry shuffle, farmer carry, rifle carry) them around the YHS grounds for various trick-or-treat exercise stops. At each stop PAX played a game of choose your favorite monster (only 4 monsters available: Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy). Each monster represented a different workout.

Coupon – should carry shuffle to Stop 1:

The Amphitheater-
Step-ups, 20x IC
Dips 20x
Coupon curls 25x
Derkins 20x

Coupon – farmer carry up steps and around amphitheater to Stop 2:

The Basketball Court-
Coupon flutter kicks, 30x IC
Imperial Squat Walkers, 15x IC
Shoulder Taps, 30x IC
Coupon Goblet Squats 15x

Coupon – rifle carry back to the field for Stop 3:

The Field
Line up on goal line
Frankenstein walk to the 30yd line and back (guttural sounds could be heard coming from some PAX).
Bat Wings – (20x IC each exercise while keeping arms up until all exercises complete) – LBACs forward, LBACs reverse, Seal Claps, Hold outstretched arms for 10-count pause, Overhead Claps.
Body Bag Builders – 10x of this 10-count IC exercise – (1) squat, (2) legs out for burpee, (3) down part of merkin, (4) up part of merkin, (5) out part of plank jack, (6) in part of plank jack, (7) right knee mountain climber, (8) left knee mountain climber, (9) feet to hands, (10) stand up (NOTE: PAX showed grace, humor and perseverance in effort to count out each rep). 👊
Grave Diggers – 10x IC – start with coupon on the ground in front of you. (1) Bend down to grab coupon, (2) lift coupon over right shoulder next to right ear, (3) put the coupon back down on the ground, and (4) lift coupon over left shoulder next to left ear.
Zombie Crawl – in plank position, crawl to the 20yd line while dragging feet/legs behind (like a Zombie), Frankenstein walk back to goal line.

MARY: Zombie Crunch LBCs (30x right legs, 30x left legs), Freddy Mercury 15x IC, Toy Soldiers 20x IC

ANNOUNCEMENTS: @cableguy passed the Site Q torch to YHC, and expressed his gratitude to PAX. PAX expressed their gratitude to @cableguy for all the work he has personally contributed to keeping the AO a top tier site for F3.

COT: Q expressed his thanks for F3, and for providing opportunities to tackle “manufactured” F3 struggles which in turn help get him right so he can work through the struggles of life: at home, at work, within the community. Q recognized there are other men within the community who face their own struggles, and could benefit from F3. Q ended with final shoutout to @cableguy for his service and commitment to the AO. Thank you @cableguy!

Side note: @shakenbake received best costume award (it was the only costume, but still the best).

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