DATE: 2022-10-06
AO: Freestate
Q: Deagle
PAX: Horshack, Wildcat, Dungeon Master (Amon), Butter
FNGs: Wilson, Lefty
• SSH x 25 IC
• Monkey Humpers X15 IC
• Carolina Dry Dock x10 IC
• Swingbillies x 15 IC
• Shoulder Taps x 15 IC
• 2 laps around the tennis court, karaoke on the sides
• El Capitan x 15 each direction
• Cherry Pickers x 15 IC
• Windmills x 15 IC

Burpee-Merkin-Jax-Hops (1:2:4:6 Burpee/Merkin/Plank Jacks/SSH) up to 5:10:20:30 on Q count, one lap in between

Second round of 10 minutes EMOM
• Curls X15 each side
• Coupon Squats x10
• Skyscraper x5

• Reverse Crunches x 20 IC
• X-Factor x15 IC
• Freddie Mercury x 15 IC
• Little Mermaid x10 each side IC
• LBCs x20 IC
• Leg Lift Rosalita x 10 IC + 10 flutters


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