Halloween: Trick or Treat?

DATE: 2022-10-31
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Kodiak
PAX: Purple Rain, 3 mile, Fish Fry, SPINAL TAP, Yardbird, Gherkin, 2 percent, Magoo, vplaxico FNGs: @attache
WARMUP: SSH, MP, IW, WMH, CP, Arm Circles, Down Dog
THE THANG: Mosey to the coupons. This Halloween-inspired workout involved stops along the way to trick or treat. To avoid giving the wrong incentive, the exercises associated with both tricks or treats kind of sucked: Station 1 (Coupons): Treat – 20 burpees
Station 2 (baseball diamond): Trick – Pax lined up on the third base line and ran around the bases, one departing as the guy in front of him touched first base, pax in line did squats x 2 Station 3 (Downed Tulip Poplar): Trick – 20 Frankenstein squats Station 4 (Front of WMS): Trick – 20 Carolina Dry Docks
Station 5 (staff parking lot): Trick – Murder bunny the width of 20 parking spaces) Station 6 (Discovery Turf): Treat – 20 coupon chest press
Station 7 (Corner): Trick – 20 Dips
Station 8 (DES entrance) – Trick 20 Curls, Treat 20 overhead press Return to the Coupon stash
MARY: Shoulder taps, John Travoltas, Flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Possible convergence and later start time for Veterans’ Day (Friday 11/11)
COT: Appreciate Halloween with your kids even if they’re cranky from too much sugar

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