Have it your way: The Burger King workout

DATE: 2022-10-25
AO: Delphi
Q: Nano
PAX: Hightower, Peanuts, Pop Fly, Shogun, Yard Sale, Doodles, Rocket, Gadget, Rambler, Juneau, Obadiah FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Willy Mayes Haze, Michael Phelps, merkins, air squats, cherry pickers, hip flexor/calf stretch
THE THANG: This was a mixed coupon, running workout. The PAX started at the center of the field, then for each round they could do the following:

* Run a full lap.
* Run a half a lap, blockies while you wait
* Stay back and do blockies.

Once everyone returned, an exercise ensued with the coupon including: * Goblet squats
* Curls
* Tricep extensions
* Calf raises
* Thrusters
* Flutter Kicks
* Bent over rows

MARY: Yep!

Adopt a highway 10/29 Sparta-0700.
Corn Hole 10/30 -1300
The Grunt 11/12 -0700 Lincoln Memorial
2nd F for everyone 11/16 – Audacious Brewery?
Turkey Trot (Third Annual) Thanksgiving -0800 Olympus
COT: Very appreciative and blessed by all of the amazing people in my life. F3 has helped me see how important that is to all of us. Get out and help share F3 with others.

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