Fencing what?!?! How many walking lunges??

DATE: 2022-10-24
AO: Highlands
Q: Speedo
PAX: Hightower, Jag
FNGs: Touche (CO Q for the evening)
WARMUP: Regular stuff
Young Touche put the PAX through some Fencing drills and some hurt – Fencers advance across the field (I looked more like a crab funny walking on a beach, but he looked good), Fencing Squats, long haul walking lunge with twist, deep squat hops and of course Touches favorite Flip FLop Burpees which we will forever call Touches Flop Flip Burpee! (Start a burpee with the jump and then flop on your six/back for a big boy sit-up and then flip on your stomach for a pushup – see flop flip burpee) Next was a solid a round of 1st and 10

MARY: The Thang ended a little early so we just did abs, abs, and more abs ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Grunt, Turkey Trot and hangout afterwards
COT: When put in situations where you have no idea what you are doing…stay positive, look around, jump right in and do the best you can.

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