Ice Breaker

DATE: 2022-10-21
AO: Aerie
Q: Chasqui
PAX: Greg Lazor, Yellow Jacket, Stewie, Chasqui
FNGs: None
Warm up:
2 loops around the field
20 side straddle hops
15 count High knees
15 count Butt kickers
Jog in place, 2 rotation PAX call out: burpee/jump/squat
Walk arms down + push-up + walk arms up

The Thang:
Set 1
30 Curls
High Plank w/coupon drag L/R
15/15 L/R rows
Merkins w/ shoulder and knee taps
30 yd suitcase carry-jog back to G line and 30yd-rifle carry back

Set 2:
big boy sit up w/coupon
20 mountain climbers
15 American hammers w/coupon
15 Legs up toe taps
15 side plank both sides
15 squat press w/coupon
1 field loop

Set 3:
Bleacher work out mix
20 calves raises
20 Step up with coupon
20 Triceps

Set 4:
Crunch time- Pax mix


COT: Great health 👏

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