Tablets of Doom & Loud Buzzers

DATE: 2022-10-19
AO: Compound
Q: Yardbird
PAX: Hightower, Obadiah, Peanuts, Popeyes, Rambler, YNAB, Zeus FNGs: FNG Doodles
WARMUP: the üsh + fellowship lap and dropping off tablets to corners of field.
THE THANG: center of field: square of exercises along each side and at each corner:
ROUND ONE: Bear crawl, toy soldiers, lunge walk, squat jumps, crawl bear, plank jacks, murder bunny sans block, merkins.
ROUND TWO: Bunny hop, monkey humpers, karaoke, SSH, bunny murders, break dancers, Spider-Man merkin crawl, Freddy mercurys. ROUND THREE was partway through round one.
BUZZER SURPRISE: At any point during workout if the buzzer sounded, Pax immediately sprinted to a corner of their choice and performed indicated exercise written on tablet, then ran perimeters to opposite corners before sprinting back to center to resume exercises.

MARY: flitter kicks, WWls, American hammers.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: upcoming grunt, Rambler’s ruck, something about a year-in-review 2nd F.
COT: where can we be more malleable like clay when needed, or are we too dried out and rough that we get stuck? Let’s be more like pliable clay which may allow us to see challenges in a different way and to be more open to solving problems a different way.

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