A Beatdown for the Ages

DATE: 2022-10-21
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Mr Haand, Fish Fry, 3 mile, Lazlo, Kodiak, Median, Magoo, Undertow, sticks, Gherkin, Yardbird FNGs: Attache, DRPAX Willis (F3 South Charlotte)
14 PAX stumbled into the shivvery gloom this morning to be warmed up by the Q. It wasn’t easy, but YHC pushed and prodded and kept all PAX sufficiently warm to get them safely to post beatdown coffeeteria. Always an honor to lead this group!

400 yd run around Horizon AO
20 x SSH
1 x Burpee
15 x Body weight squats
2 x Burpees
10 x Cherry Pickers
3 x Burpees
15 x IW
4 x Burpees
10 x Merkins
5 x Burpees

Set 1: Three (3) rounds of the following:

5 x Burpees, 10 x Coupon Curls, 15 x Coupon Squats, 20 x Overhead Coupon Press

Set 2:

Then four (4) total rounds of the following (2 sets of 2 rounds):

200 Yd Run – down and back on the soccer field
20 x Squat Jumps, 15 x Merkins, 10 x No Push Up Burpees

Set 3: mosey to playground for two (2) rounds of the following: 20 Yds Broad Jump, 20 Yds Backwards run
15 x Aussie Push-ups, 15 x Bottom Half Burpees / Groiners
10 x Hand Release Merkins, 10 x Mountain Climbers (hard count)

10 x Coupon Flutter kicks
10 x American Twists
20 x Coupon LBCs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Grunt (Nov 12 – see #thegrunt) and CornHole Tournament (Oct 30 – see #2ndf)

YHC was thinking about the meaning of life recently. Viktor Frankls’s Man’s Search for Meaning is a 200-page book detailing his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, and it serves as a good place to start. In it, he describes identifying a purpose in life to feel positive about, and then immersively imagining that outcome.

During his experience in the camp, he found that the way a prisoner imagined the future affected his longevity. He concludes in the book that the meaning of life is found in every moment of living. Life never ceases to have meaning, even in suffering and death.

A story he relates in the book involves a group therapy session during a mass fast inflicted on the camp’s inmates trying to protect an anonymous fellow inmate from death by the authorities. Frankl offers the thought that for everyone in a dire condition there is someone looking down, a friend, family member, or even God, who would expect not to be disappointed. He concludes from his experience that a person’s psychological reactions are not solely the result of the conditions of his life, but also from the freedom of choice he always has even in severe suffering. The inner hold a person has on his spiritual self relies on having a hope in the future, and that once a person loses that hope, he is doomed.

So The meaning of life is not our question to ask. Instead it is we who are being asked the question. It is our lives that are the answer. No amount of travel or reading or clever sayings can tell you what you want to know. Instead it is you who must find the answer in your actions – by embodying the principles of justice, self control, courage, freedom, and abstaining from evil.


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