Trip to the Zoo

DATE: 2022-10-18
AO: Atlantis
Q: Boomer
PAX: Bratwurst, Deflator, Infinity
FNGs: Ozark (DR PAX) Crash (DR PAX)
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, Cherry Pickers, Mountain Climbers

THE THANG: A sort of DORAesque separation of PAX into A and B teams. Various rounds of A group performing animal crawls and running drills down and back while B group performing various stationary exercises either in cadence or on count of designated PAX. Groups switched exercises upon return of A group. Mosey in between roughly every two rounds.

1. A. Duck Walk (low squat on top of bent knees, bring knees down to move forward) B. Dips

2. A. Monkey Shuffle (Facing perpendicular to forward movement, hands go down to your side, give air to your feet and move them near/just past hands, with the foot opposite the forward movement coming down first) B. Superman pull ups

3. A. Bunny Hops (from squatting position give a forward hop into another squat) B. Merkins

4. A. Alligator crawl (From Merkin plank position with palms facing out, place top of feet down, drag forward using arms) B. Plank Jacks

5. A. Bear Crawl
B. Australian Snow Angels

6. A. Horse Walk (squat with wide stance, long/deep steps forward) B. Shoulder Taps

7. A. High Knees
B. Mountain Climbers

8. A. Lunge Walks
B. Calf Raises

9. A. Crab Walk
B. Americans Hammers

10. Dragon Walk (From Merkin plank position, lift left arm, opposite leg, keeping lifted limbs straight/forward, not out, bring lifted limbs forward and down into a staggered push up. Repeat the forward movement) B. Burpees

MARY: Nope

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Grunt! 0700 Nov. 12th at the Lincoln Memorial

COT: The animal walk and “man” exercise combo reminded me of Genesis 1 with animals being good, but man being very good. The point of the story being that the previously enslaved Israelites needed to learn how to rest and know that they were delighted in and that their worth was not based on how many bricks they made for Pharaoh. It’s a lesson I’m learning too in not seeking identity in career, finances, being productive, etc, but rather an identity found in Him who loves me. I’m going to continue to be intentional in seeking rest and replacing my to-do list with things that are good for the soul. How is your rest?

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