We did not play kickball

DATE: 2022-10-06
AO: Olympus
Q: Ashe
PAX: Zeus, Peanuts, Rollingstone, Gadget, Pop Fly
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSHs, Squats, Arm Circles
THE THANG: Pearls on a String – lap around LBHS with stops along the way that includes: merkins, squats, curb step-ups, squats, etc.

PAX moved to the stairs and did 3 rounds running up (and down) the stairs

Q went to his car and secured the kickball. PAX were excited.

Onto the field were we went side to side across the field using various modes of transportation (karaoke, bear crawl, side bear crawl, low squat shuffle) and performed abdominal exercises at the half way point during each trip across. 5 rounds of this.

The Kickball sat there, confused, alone, and silent.

MARY: Flutter kicks, LBCs, Glees, Pickle Pointers (hi Peanuts)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Road Clean Up, Corn Hole, Grunt

COT: Finding purpose through kindness, grace, and service to others is the true reward

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