Team Relays

DATE: 2022-10-12
AO: Compound
Q: Hightower
PAX: Popeyes, Yardbird, Poe, NAFTA, Peanuts, Monk, Zeus
FNGs: None
Lots of warm up PT and stretching. Followed by a couple fellowship laps around the field.

Split into 2 teams:
Team 1: Popeyes, Peanuts, Monk & Yardbird
Team 2: Poe, Zeus, NAFTA & HT

Relay race, 4 total rounds
Bear crawl to cone, sprint to next cone, bear crawl to side line, 5 burpees, repeat to get back to your team. Next man does 10 merkins, then holds high plank until guy in front comes back Second guy waiting does air squats until he moves up
Third guy, recovery position, does overhead claps until he moves up.

After 4 rounds, group lined up for active recovery. Low, slow walk lunges, high knee skips, bunny hops and karaoke.

Ring of Fire mix up for Mary

Sat, 10/29 Road cleanup, meet at Sparta
Sun, 10/30 Cornhole tourney BunnyMan
Sat, 11/12 The Grunt rally at Lincoln Memorial
Thurs, 11/24 TurkeyTrot at Olympus

Reminder that we’re not Alone in the struggle of life. When we work with a team, we can accomplish way more than by ourselves. Whether at home with our M, or at work or in our communities, working in a team gets more done.

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