Hoops Baby!

DATE: 2022-09-24
AO: Olympus
Q: Hightower
PAX: Nano, Peanuts, Popeyes, Zeus, citrus
FNGs: None
Lots of stretching after long round of SSH to warm up in the chilly morning.

Fellowship jog around LBSS. First stop rear courtyard. Each PAX lead count for 10 squats. Then Ricky Bobby to front side of school for Wall Sit recovery. Then individual sprints to front entrance of school. There we lined up for step ups, each PAX lead count for 20 step ups. Fellowship jog back to basketball courts.
Warmup drills layups, jump shots and free throws. Then set up for 3 on 3 half court. Team 1: Nano, Popeyes, Peanuts
Team 2: Citrus, Zeus, HT
Team 1 got to 7 points first, lots of back & forth scoring.

Quick round of flutter kicks.

Upcoming Grunt, Sat Nov 12 at 7am starts at Lincoln Memorial.

Don’t take your partner for granted. All 6 PAX are married, divorce rate is high. Staying married to our partners takes commitment and we can’t take them for granted.

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