California 480 – Show Up. You Can Sleep Later

DATE: 2022-09-28
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: Mr Haand, 2 percent, 3 mile, Kodiak, Magoo, Old Bay, sticks, vplaxico FNGs: Attaché, FNG Spinal Tap
WARMUP: SSH, MNClubs, MPhelps, CP/WMH, worlds’ greatest stretch, D Dog/Cobra/Child’s Pose
THE THANG: celebrating Cabrillo’s “discovery” of California with Calif. music and 480 reps of: Disco-very (front): Aussie Pull-ups, Derkins, Dips
Disco-very (street corner): T-stabilizer, Mtn Climber, Apollo Ohno Disco-very (back side): Burpees, V-Ups
WMS (Tables): Two-Table Durkins, Dips, Bulgarian Knee Dips
Coupon Center: Rotation through: Curls, KBs, Chest press, overhead press, Tricep overheads, coupon squats, grave diggers, Field run, field Carioca MARY: Plank Train, Flutters
ANNOUNCEMENTS: IPC Closeout Friday, Welcome Spinal Tap
COT: Pax-sourced life wisdom in 6 words or less.

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