Kate Bush? Anyone?

DATE: 2022-09-20
AO: Delphi
Q: Glee
PAX: Hightower, Pop Fly, YNAB, Simba, Peanuts, Nano, Wham-O
FNGs: (1) I can’t remember – Ranger? Olive Garden? Sudbury Blueberry Bulldog? COUNT: 9
WARMUP: We did
Group 1 runs down the hill. Group 2 runs up the hill. At bottom, jump rope (round 1), at top, battle ropes (round 1). Run down, leave a guy, pick up a guy and run to the top. Drop off a guy and pick up a guy. Do that until everyone has done bother stations. Round 2: Same as before, but swap exercises – Slam Ball and Overhead Press

MARY: I don’t remember – but we did them + a solid 5 minutes of stretching.

COT: You can keep going up the hill. Even when you don’t know when that hill ends, you can keep going up it. Ask for help, because other people are either right there with you, or have done it before themselves.

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