Over the Walls and Through the Willows

DATE: 2022-09-21
AO: Compound
Q: Yardbird
PAX: Obadiah, Peanuts, Yard Sale, Zeus
FNGs: Simba
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, hand claps, Windmills, Cherrypickers, WMH, DD and such.
THE THANG: run, sprint, mosey thru a big “S” of Mosaic. Arrive low seat walls, PAX box jump along wall alternating sides. Bear crawl thru willow tunnel, continue wall slalom.

Run up garage ramps, complete 10 burpees midway, 5 burpees at top. Finger sweeps on way down. Back to wall slalom and bear crawl tunnel.

Arrive low wall again. Each pax takes a spot to box jump up on wall + 5 squat jumps, jump down other side: alternating rounds of derkins (25), dips (25), diamond merkins (15), dips (25), toy soldiers (20), dips (25), hand release merkins (10ish), dips(25)

Mosey back to field in “S” path again.

MARY: LBC, Freddy Mercury, flutter kick, supermans
ANNOUNCEMENTS: dads camp, grunt event, etc
COT: last week’s IPC sucked for me, feeling defeated. Don’t let that set in, instead, acknowledge that you were out there trying- same goes for everything that’s tough about getting out there, but we’re getting better all the time.

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