Lost Coupon Tour

DATE: 2022-09-19
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Magoo
PAX: Disco, Mr Haand, Kodiak, vplaxico, 3 mile
FNGs: Armbar, atache
WARMUP: WMH, Cherry Picker, yoga-like stretches
THE THANG: Pick up coupons for dora — wait, NO COUPONS!
Mosey around AO finding dumb shit to do: Hill charge + burpees, picnic table bulgarians, wall jump, bike stantion bear crawl, log squats, pulse squats, single leg step squats, roll-ups etc. MARY: leg push down, cadenced LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Coupons are gone. Should we chain them up?
COT: Other drivers will do stupid things. Cut them some slack. 1) You don’t know their back story (Was the intersection poorly designed? Did their dog die? Are they distracted from holding in a suspicious fart?); and
2) Even if they are being a dick, that’s on them. Getting angry isn’t going to change that.

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