Mix a lot

DATE: 2022-09-07
AO: Aerie
Q: Chasqui
PAX: Rocketman
FNGs: None

Warm up:
20 second butt kickers
20 second high knees
20 second side straddle hop
15x Michael Phelps
15x Cherry Pickers
15x Mountain climbers

Part 1:
High plank, every 5 second: Merkins
25x Big boy Sit-ups
High plank with toe taps
25x American hammer
High plank, motion: knees close to ground to full extension 25x V sit ups
Run Lap

Part 2:
15/15 forward-backwards lunges:both legs
10x regular squats
10x legs in squats
10x sumo squats
15x Skaters with jump
10x burpees
Run Lap

Part 3:
PAX mix and cool down stretches

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/10: 12 miler ruck 9/11: Stair climb, Brewrun TBD COT: Great health and positivity for new job/life objectives.

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