just roll with it

DATE: 2022-09-08
AO: Highlands
Q: Toolbox
PAX: Trolley, XL
FNGs: None
WARMUP: ssh, squats, single leg lunges, wmh, cp, windmills
THE THANG: carry 25# db, 50# kb, speed rope and ab roller out to field, light mosey fb rounds of varying exercises with timer being 50# sumo squats, rotate through each station modifying exercises, stacking exercises, and eventually ending in complete exhaustion, rinse and repeat. generally holding to a chest, leg, arms, abs, format. MARY: big boy up ups 10, big boys 25, flutter kicks 50 ic.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: iron pax, 911, dads camp, pancake breakfast calvary on Sat
COT: my go to reminder to myself and others. just roll with it. sometimes it’s best to succumb to the flow. never know where you’ll end up…but it’s usually a pretty interesting ride.

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