Burping Dora

DATE: 2022-09-07
AO: Farm
Q: Matthew – Running Man
PAX: Faceplant, Infinity
FNGs: None
Beet pickers
Willy Mays Hayes
Calf raises
Side straddle hop
Mosey around the baseball fields

100 burpees
200 squats
300 glute bridges
300 LBCs

American hammer
Flutter kicks
Dolphin climbers?
Australian snow angels



There was a recent study that explored conflict between rival groups. As part of the study, researchers interviewed Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East, and Republicans and Democrats in the United States. They discovered that “each side felt their own group [was] motivated by love more than hate, but when asked why their rival group [was] involved in the conflict, [they] pointed to hate as [the other] group’s motivating factor.”
In other words, each group thought of themselves as the “good guys”—fair, kind, and truthful. By contrast, they saw their rivals as the “bad guys”—uninformed, dishonest, even evil.

Listen to those you disagree with, to understand their perspective.

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