Neighborhood Fun

DATE: 2022-08-24
AO: Patriot
Q: Schwab
PAX: Lazlo, Wedding Singer, 2 percent, Tea Party, Big Short, citrus, Anchor Man, Shake ‘N’ Bake, CableGuy, Ice Tea, Legacy, Elvis, Bone, Patchouli FNGs: @Newman (DR), @Laimbeer (DR), @Stinger (DR)
WARMUP: SSH. Rockettes. IW. CP. WMH. DD. CK.
1. Ring of fire. 5 count planks. Then mosey.
2. Stop for 7 burpees. Then mosey to hill.
2a. Stop for 7 more burpees. To the hill.
3. Reverse hills (down then up).
-group 1 is running and timers.
-group 2 are doing merkins and twinkle toes
4. Hills.
-group 1 running.
-group 2 are doing merkins and squats.
(Repeat)….then mosey
5. Front of patriot.
-group 1 running around amphitheater.
-group 2 step ups and dips
-group 1 running
-group 2 box jumps and derkins
6. Set up 7 burpees. Then 4 burpees. Run to school.
7. Ring of fire. Planks again.

MARY: flutter kicks and LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9.11 climb. Dads camp. Check other channels.
COT: be present with your kids. Even when they nag, spend time with them. You will get more out of it then they will. Also a great time to instill traits that will help them in life.

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